Art College Preparatory Course for High Schoolers and Young Adults

Our course is open to high school students and young adults who wish to learn the theory and practice of creative graphic arts and animated film; thus, they could use these skills later in their careers.

We recommend this course primarily to those who want to apply to a university-level animation or art program or vocational training. This course provides thorough preparation for a successful entrance exam in the future and also can help you decide which area of visual culture suits you the most. Several of our students later continued their studies at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest Metropolitan University, Illyés Art Academy, University of Theatre and Film Arts, or Hungarian University of Fine Arts. However, just your interest can motivate you to try out the course and learn more about the basics of graphic design and animation. During the course, we put more emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills. We believe in personalized education and in diverse tasks and methods thus everyone can develop along with their own interest, knowledge, and at their own pace with the support of the educators.


Graphic arts, typography: 
– lettering (creating outlines)
– calligraphy (hand-painted letters)
– poster design
– comics and comic strip design
– printmaking processes (linocut, woodcut, screen printing, risography)
– drawing and painting (watercolor and acrylic painting, line marking, collage, monotyping)

– introduction to the technology of animation film production
– screenwriting, outlining the plot, creating a storyboard
– layout design, background design
– character design, visual design
– motion design
– compositing, rendering
– stop-motion animation

– the basics of filmmaking (theory and practice)
– video and audio recording
– editing



Tamás Patrovits is an animation director and graphic artist who has been teaching visual arts both in Hungary and abroad for 25 years. Many of his students have been admitted to art universities or found their way into various graphic art or animation profession. His method of teaching developed over many years and it focuses on experience-based learning, personalized tasks which help the individual’s development. Therefore, complete beginners and advanced learners can benefit from this method. He’s constantly in search of new creative efforts and trends, so he includes both traditional procedures and modern digital techniques in his courses. We plan the participation of well-known artists and co-teachers for several sessions, who are outstanding in their field and are also great educators.


Time: Saturdays between 2pm and 5pm
First session: 16th January 2021
Venue: BABtér, Budaörs

Course leader: Patrovits Tamás
Number of participants in a course: maximum 8 people
Recommended age group: between ages 15-25
Prices/session: 5500 HUF, the price includes the usage of the materials and the equipments. The price for 10 sessions if paid in advance: 48.000 HUF
More information, application: +20 299 32 39,

For the time being, only 8 people will have the opportunity to participate in the course at the same time, where we fully adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions.