(Magyar) Rajz alkalmassági vizsgára felkészítés, kockológia

Many schools have so called Drawing competence exam’,as part of entrance exams to their various faculties. (Amongst many: BME-Fac. of Architecture and Fac. of Mechanical Engineering, PTE-fac. Of Engineering and Information Technology, SZE- Fac. of Engineering sciences , SZIE-Ybl Miklos Fac. of Architecture,RKK-Fac. of Light Indrustry and Environmental Engineering). Drawing competence exams are aimed to filter those students who’s basic drawing skills are below the standards of the given faculty and may not qualify them to be able to complete their studies.

Some institutes might even give special tasks, besides the drawing of regular ‘group of bodies’, but our course at BAB can prepare you for these types of exercises as well.
– At BME-Faculty of Architecture: you have to face a ‘field reconstruction’ exersise, in which you have to be able to reconstruct internal spaces from 3 given projections, in one point perspective.
– At SZIE- Ybl Miklos Fac. of Architecture: you need to be able to reconstruct an object with shading (own and projected shadows) from different point of view pictures
– At SZE-Engeneering sciences: you have to reconstruct an object in axonometry from its projections.

On our course you can master the proper depiction of cubical and round objects with lines and shading, and at the mean time you can prepare for specialized entry exam requirements.

Schedule: Once a week -4 hours/ occasion
Location: BAB Main Hall
Price: 22000Ft/month (4 occasion/16 hours)
Recommended training time: 32-80 hours, depending on the candidate’s preparedness.

Contact: +36 (20) 9439717, spanyikj@babter.hu