The V4Fanzine is a multicultural publication and exhibition, in which selected artists capture each-others cultures emblematic characteristics of each-others culture through their own filters. The inner meaning of these pieces is not just the the depiction of known and internationally recognized themes, but adaptation and interpretation, that might help to get to know, understand and accept each-other’s culture better and to find the similarities between them.

The selected 9 artists from each of the 4 countries of the Visegrad Four, are assigned to create an illustration of a given country. The topic can be chosen by will, the only restriction is that they could only use the colors of the flag of the given country. Instead of a routine exercise, the graphic designers must do their own research and interpretation to find the connection between their own and the given country’s culture, and than create their artwork in their own style and technique. Fanzine is not only a hard filtered essence of the 4 closely connected country’s culture but also shows how 36 people think about each other.

The project was started by the Hungarian team of Jozsef Fekete, Arthur Haránt, Eszter Komornik, and Soma Sebesvári, and got embraced by international institutions: the Hungarian kArt Gallery, the Czech Komixxx Project, the Polsih Paper Beats Rock and the Slovakian Dive Buki. The publication and exhibition sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund was first introduced to the audience on August the 9th at kArton Gallery Budapest, and than in Brno, Kosice and Cracow. Meanwhile the magazine took part at the Warsaw Book Fair and the Brussels Comic Con. Primanima was the second occasion that the V4Fanzine exhibition was shown in Hungary, and got a temporary place at BAB Main Hall.

Curators and Organizers: Eszter Komornik – kArton Gallery, Soma Sebesvári.

Opening: 2016.10.19. (wednesday) 15.30

Open dialogue with artists and organizers:  2016.10. 22. (saturday) 12.00 • BABtér