Launched in 2021, the Primanima Print House is a print house and graphic arts and design studio, where we focus on printmaking processes such as linocut, screen printing, risograph printing, and digital and traditional graphics. We create posters, calendars, zines, comics, illustrations and we also organize various courses and workshops to teach these forms of arts. Our goal is to make graphic arts and design based on traditional and on the newest techniques widely known to the public who are interested in visual arts and we are planning several workshops and educational programmes where risography will be in focus. The technology imported from Japan was born from the fusion of screen printing and digital photocopying. Using an environmentally conscious technology, the printer mixes special rice and soybean oil-based ink on a paper used especially for this method.

So far, the Primanima Print House has created two publications, the calendar of Gyula Illyés Secondary Grammar School which is the result of a workshop, and a zine titled __was here by Karl Kaiser, an Estonian graphic designer, which was created during an internship at BABtér.

If you want to cooperate with us just contact us via email at hello@babter.hu!